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To support the goals of the Division, the Committee is launching a blog on the website to highlight existing utilities and programs across the state. This blog will provide valuable information on existing programs and highlight how more information on the programs can be obtained, thus creating an online database of water education resources.


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Catalyst: In their own words.

Posted By Karen E. Menard, Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Education Division – Consumer Outreach Committee Blog


All Things H2O                                     June 2018 Issue





Catalyst: In their own words.



If you’re prone to FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) you may want to stop reading now. Catalyst, the mastermind summit for water educators and communicators, is officially sold out! Catalyst is a collaborative project that includes TAWWA, Rogue Water, SAWS, and WEAT. If this is the first you are hearing about Catalyst and are curious about what it’s all about you can visit to read more about the agenda and speakers.


The diverse backgrounds of the speakers demonstrate how important it was to the collaborators to make Catalyst different. The speakers range from well known water rockstars like George Hawkins to thought leaders from outside the water industry including the marketing, film and academic worlds. When it comes to credibility, we believe that what others are saying is more powerful than what you’re saying about yourself. We wanted to give some of the speakers and attendees an opportunity to share why their looking forward to Catalyst in their own words.



“I'm really excited for the enormous potential that the Catalyst mastermind summit has to make a profound difference in communicating the value of water in Texas! I believe the program will be impressively unique in harnessing the synergy among water communicators across the state and will solidify a network for future collaboration. Catalyst enables TAWWA to meet its mission--to support, strengthen and encourage partnerships in order to heighten awareness for the immense value that access to safe and sufficient water supplies has on our communities. Most importantly, to shed light on the people, processes and infrastructure needed to make it happen.”

Attendee: Christianne Castleberry, TAWWA Education Division Chair


“I’m excited because what “product” is more elemental and universal than water? It’s trite because it’s true: water is the source of life! It’s wonderful to apply my knowledge of branding to pioneering corporate brands, but to explore what branding and marketing might accomplish in the context of water – the greatest of all commodities – is a true thrill.”

Speaker: Duke Greenhill, VP Creative and Strategy, J.O.


“The unique format is one of the reasons I am most excited about Catalyst. Instead of the typical death-by-powerpoint for eight hours in a hotel conference room, Catalyst will engage and inspire participants by moving to locations throughout the city. This approach breaks the mold by immersing communicators in the real-world.”

Speaker: Travis Loop, Director of Communications and Public Outreach, Water Environment Federation


“I'm excited about Catalyst because I'm new to the industry, and this is the perfect opportunity to collaborate with seasoned professionals and colleagues. I'm in full-on learning mode and can't wait to absorb all the great info, tips, and tricks to help me better communicate with our residents.”

Attendee: Laura Prater, Communications and Marketing Manager, City of Mansfield Water Utilities


In the spirit of Catalyst, the TAWWA Education Division created strategic partnerships to creatively engage with attendees and to also maximize the reach of the Catalyst experience. We’re excited to have Travis Loop, Director of Communications for WEF, doing live Twitter updates throughout the summit, including quick interviews with speakers before they “hit the stage.” Follow him @travisloop to see those sneak peeks and to vicariously experience the summit via social media. Catalyst partner, Rogue Water, is launching the Water in Real Life podcast June 4. Tune in every Monday and Wednesday in the weeks prior to Catalyst to hear interviews with each of the mastermind speakers.


Catalyst is an action item in the 2018 strategic plan for the TAWWA Education Division’s K-12 Committee chaired by Greg Wukasch, External Affairs Manager at SAWS. His words drive home the excitement behind these conversations along the river.


“I think the thing that excites me the most about Catalyst is an opportunity to get so many creative and talented water educators and communicators in one place together for the first time in Texas. Most of the people I have met in this field are truly passionate about the work they do but sometimes wonder if anyone else in the world thinks like them. I hope that when we are all gathered here in San Antonio, sitting together in creative conversations and perhaps even sipping on a margarita, that magic will happen. We may not only discover our tribe but also finally realize that there truly are other water nerds just like us out there. We just needed a place to meet.”


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