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Divisions: Water Conservation and Reuse - Alt Water Supplies

Alternative Water Supplies

This Committee purpose is to research technologies and legislation related to alternative water sources that can be used for potable drinking water.

Alternative water supplies can include a variety of options including municipal reclaimed water, or indirect or direct reuse, gray water from sinks, showers or clothes washing, rain water harvesting on either residential or commercial scale, large volume storm water collection and use of brackish ground water. 

Each of these sources of alternative water can require different treatment solutions before the water can become potable drinking water safe for public use. There are also significant environmental aspects to consider along with various cost factors in collecting and treating the various potential water sources. In situations when water supplies are scarce such as in drought conditions, water costs are going up, reuse is more cost effective than other alternatives or policies support alternative water supplies, utilities look to alternative supplies to augment their historic water sources.

For more information, contact Dr. Hari J. Krishna at

Division Chair
Praveen B. Krishna
Section Executive Director
Mike Howe