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WUC - Membership
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WUC Membership

The Council should be comprised of 11 members, each of whom shall be a representative of the utility members of the Section; including one member who shall be an officer or Trustee of the Section, plus the Executive Director.

Terms of Office

1. The term of office of the utility members shall be three years on a staggered basis and each member shall be eligible to succeed himself for one additional term of three years.

2. The term of office of the Section Officer/Trustee member shall be one year and, as long as he remains a Section officer or trustee, he shall be eligible to succeed himself for unlimited number of terms of one-year each.

3. The terms of newly appointed members and officers shall begin at the conclusion of the Sections annual meeting

4. The officers of the Council shall be a Chair and Vice-chair. The Section Chair shall appoint the Water Utility Council Chair. The Vice-Chair shall be elected from the membership of the WUC. The election shall be held annually at the same time as elections are held for Section officers.

5. The term of office of the Council Chair shall be one year and he shall be eligible to succeed himself without limit at the discretion of the Section Chair. The chair of the WUC shall represent the Council on the Section Board and with any other organization where the WUC’s membership is included.

6. The term of office of the WUC Vice-Chair shall be one year and he shall be eligible to succeed himself without limit. The Vice-Chair shall not automatically succeed to the Chair.

7. In the event a WUC Chair is unable to complete his term, the Vice-Chair shall act as Chair until the Section Chair appoints a successor. Vacancies occurring in other offices shall be filled by appointment of the Section Chair for the unexplored term, and all such appointees shall be eligible for reelection to a full term.


Each member of the WUC will have one vote. A majority of the WUC membership will constitute a quorum. Members may vote on issues by FAX or telephone polling when deemed necessary by the WUC Chair.


The WUC shall hold at least one meeting per year at the Section Annual Conference. Other meetings can be held as deemed necessary by the Chair and can be conducted by electronic means.


The WUC Chair may appoint standing and ad hoc committees as deemed necessary. Section members who are not members of the WUC are eligible to serve on WUC committee

Special Funds

In addition to Section budgeted funds, the WUC may, upon approval of the Executive Committee, solicit funds from utility members when necessary to respond to legislative or regulatory issues. Any funds collected will be sent to the Section offices and administered by the Executive Director.


Upon the request of the Board of Trustees or the Executive Director, the WUC Chair shall provide a report to the Board on WUC activities. These reports will be presented at least once a year at the Section Annual Meeting held just prior to the Annual Conference and the mid-year board meeting.

Oral reports may be given as supplements to written reports and/or at the request of the Board of Trustees or the Executive Director.