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Three Year Strategic Plan (Draft 7-19-13)
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The Safety Committee is a resource to help TAWWA members to assess and continuously improve their safety programs.


The mission of the Safety Committee is to take a leadership role in assembling and providing information to improve the safety and health of water utility workers and affected public.


  1. Commitment to Safety and Health: We are committed to the protection of member workers and public health and safety.
  2. Commitment to Awareness: We are committed increasing the level of safety and health awareness and knowledge by providing up-to-date information to members that may affect worker and general public safety.
  3. Commitment to Communication: We are committed to facilitating communications, among members, regarding current and emerging safety and health issues.
  4. Commitment to Collaboration: We are committed to collaborating with TAWWA committees and staff to ensure safety and health is adequately addressed in all aspects of utility operations


The Safety Committee will:

1. Take a leading role in the development of health and safety related products.

Strategic Objective(s):

a. Provide input on new or updated safety videos as needed
b. Provide input on the "Let’s Talk Safety” publication annually
c. Participate in AWWA survey’s to Section Safety Committees to determine new health and safety information or support needs

2. Support the annual AWWA Wendell La Due Award application and selection process

Strategic Objective(s):

a. Solicit applicants from Section by email list in November and then monthly until January. With a goal of having, at least, two applicants in each category.
b. Establish a metrics for evaluating and ranking applications.
c. Review applications and Section recommendations
d. Review the application process including, web page, forms and metrics at least every 3 years. Work with AWWA staff to make necessary improvements.

3. Contribute to conferences

Strategic Objective(s):

a. Solicit and submit sessions for TxWater annually.
b. Provide conferences to promote Safety related topics.

4. Maintain AWWA Safety Policy

Strategic Objective(s):

a. Review and update (as necessary) the Safety Policy every 2 years

5. Maintain the AWWA M3 Manual: Safety Practices for Water Utilities

Strategic Objective(s):

a. Establish a workgroup/sub-committee to review and update (as indicated) the M3 every 3 years

6. Develop health and safety benchmarking for members

Strategic Objective(s):

a. Work with AWWA HS&E Committee to conduct benchmarking data collection
b. Perform analysis of benchmarking data.
c. Communicate benchmarking results to memberships

7. Take a leading roles in communicating health and safety issues

Strategic Objective(s)

a. Maintain communication with Section Safety Committees by reaching out to Committee Chairs on a quarterly basis.
b. Respond to member health and safety related questions in a timely manner
c. Keep TAWWA informed of new health and safety related rules and regulations and be a technical resource.
d. Contribute safety related material to the Texash2o publication so that a health and safety related section is a routine part of the publication.
e. Share health and safety issues across the state through outlets such as email lists, social media, periodic newsletters and case studies.

Safety Committee Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
3 Year Strategic Plan (draft 7-19-13) DOCX (28.48 KB) L. Dougherty 7/20/2013