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You and Your Local Water Utility
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The Texas Section AWWA represents the largest number of utilities in the State of Texas. Over 20 million Texans are served by our member utilities and we think consumers should know about their water.

Safe drinking water is considered one of the top ten engineering marvels of modern society and your local utility is always your best source of information about your water.

Providing treated drinking water is a very expensive and frankly, undervalued service that we have become accustomed. When we turn on the tap, we expect the water to flow, and your local utility works 24-hours a day to make sure you have the water you need, every day of the year.

It is important to recognize, particularly in drought prone Texas, that water supplies are worth protecting and conserving. Your local utility takes this very seriously, as we do. We need consumers to understand that conserving and protecting water supplies is extremely important.

Each year, your utility publishes their Consumer Confidence Report. This report provides you with clearly state information about the quality of your water. Just contact your local utility for a copy or more information.

The future of Texas will always be based on our ability to supply safe water. Communities can’t survive and grow without a reliable water supply and distribution system. Whether your water comes from a lake or from underground resources, water is a limited resource. Treating water can be a complicated process and requires constant attention and testing to make sure you can continue to rely on the quality of your tap water. And, just because the pipes are underground doesn’t mean they don’t need constant attention. The entire water distribution and wastewater collection system requires constant and expensive maintenance. And regulatory requirements continue to get more complex. The resulting effect is an ever increasing cost of providing water.

Your local utility works hard to keep costs low, but we all know the cost of reliable delivery of safe water to you is going to go up. Therefore, we want you to know as much as you can about protecting water, what your utility does to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements, all while assuring you and your family that when you turn on the tap, safe, clean drinking water will be available.

Below are some links to learn more about your water and your water utility. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.