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Texas Section AWWA 2018 Scholarship Application
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Application Requirements (please read carefully):

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Applicant must either be a recent high school graduate or have a record of and plan to continue full time college attendance, as defined below:
    1. Undergraduate – minimum of 21 credit hours per 12-month period
    2. Graduate – minimum of 12 credit hours per 12-month period

  2. Applicant must be either a Texas AWWA member or immediate family member of a Texas AWWA member, except for those applying for consideration by the Desert Mountain Chapter (El Paso area)

  3. While AWWA members in Mexico and New Mexico are not eligible for scholarships from the Texas Section AWWA, they are encouraged to apply through the Texas Section Scholarship Program for consideration of Desert Mountain Chapter Scholarships.

    In all instances, qualified members must be individual Active, Individual Operations/Administrative or Student Members without umbrella coverage provided by employer.

  4. Application MUST BE SIGNED as instructed below to be eligible.

Deadline Date:
Application must be submitted electronically no later than midnight July 13, 2018.

Submittal Requirements. All must be followed or application could be rejected.

  1. Only this online form is to be used for all scholarship applications, including those offered by local Chapters.

  2. Application must be accompanied by applicant's publication quality photo (for publication purposes only; photo is not made available to Awards Committee; JPEG Photo is to be uploaded below. Photos of poor quality may cause application to be rejected.

  3. Transcript must be uploaded. See full details below including late information regarding submitting late transcripts. Transcript must indicate detailed coursework over at least the past year.

If you have any questions, email

Please be sure you have a strong Internet connection before proceeding with the application. We also recommend you type out the essay and longer answers in a separate document and copy and paste them into the fields below should you have issues submitting your application.

Also, if you are having issues submitting your application with Google Chrome, try Firefox.

By identifying a local TAWWA Chapter (Chapter) affiliation, I authorize TAWWA to release this application and supporting documents to the identified Chapter for consideration for a local scholarship, if offered in my area, without affecting my eligibility status for a Texas Section AWWA Scholarship.

Please enter the applicant's information below.

Hover over underlined text for important information.

Hover over underlined text for important information.

500 of 500 characters remaining
500 of 500 characters remaining

(Rocky Mountain or Mexico Section if Desert Mountain Chapter.)

In essay form, please provide a thoughtful discussion that includes your specific career goals, how your sponsoring member (parent or guardian), if applicable, has inspired you and how the scholarship would help you. Essay must fit in the appropriate box - no attachments allowed. Limit of 5000 characters.

5000 of 5000 characters remaining
If selected for a scholarship award, I agree to use the cash received to attend a college or university. If my award cannot be used for that purpose, I will notify the TAWWA Scholarship Fund immediately. If I drop out of college during the first semester of the award or drop out or graduate between the first and second semesters, I agree to notify the TAWWA Scholarship Fund immediately. I also acknowledge that though all steps to protect my privacy will be taken, my information may be available on the internet and that I have taken all necessary steps to remove sensitive information from my submission materials. I agree to hold the Texas Section AWWA and all parties harmless should information inadvertently be available on the internet.

All of the below are required for application to be complete and considered.

Applicant MUST black-out personal information such as Social Security number, birth date, and Student ID number on transcript prior to submittal. Please notify us if transcript is being sent separately or delayed for any reason. Late transcripts must be sent prior to July 13, 2018, to If you are emailing a late transcript, the following should be in the email subject line: Scholarship Transcript from (your name).